File Sharing (PTU)

File Sharing or Paid To Upload (PTU) sites give you money for a set number of downloads. These values can vary from $2 per 1000 downloads or up to $20 per 1000 downloads. If you're big on file sharing through forums or chat sites where links can be freely posted, PTU sites are your friend. Below are my recommendations for PTU sites and my referral link too. You don't have to use my referral link, but I'd appreciate if you did.

A great download site, simple and easy to navigate. The download pages are not full of ads everywhere and the wait time is not too long. Hotfile has a tiered system of prices and accepts downloads from 54 different countries. Full details on the download prices can be seen here.
I highly recommend using Hotfile even if you're not wanting to earn money, the upload and download functions are intuitive and simple so it's helpful to send files to friends via email or chat.
Payout is $15.00 and is sent via PayPal, AlertPay or Webmoney
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If you like to share videos, then this is the place for you. Videos can be embedded and streamed, higher payout rates are given to bigger videos, so get your camera rolling! You can earn up to $30 per 10,000 views which is not too bad at all. Videobb also accepts traffic from all countries and has four payout tiers.
Payout is $20.00USD and is sent via PayPal, AlertPay or Webmoney.
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